Jennings Sports Park at Evans Farm Receives Bonds Valued at $6.744 Million

LEWIS CENTER, Ohio (May 8, 2024) – The Windsor Companies is pleased to announce the receipt of a $6.744 million bond package, marking a significant milestone in the development of Jennings Sports Park at Evans farm, a new multi-field 57 acres sports complex located at Shanahan and Piatt Road. This financial backing is essential for completing key public infrastructure improvements including storm drainage, and sanitary, pipe, lines and facilities.

Upon completion, Jennings Sports Park will boast six baseball fields with artificial turf, capable of conversion for football, lacrosse, soccer, and other sports. Four of these fields will converge around a central pavilion featuring a concession stand and restrooms facilities. Each field will be equipped with lights and a video scoreboard, ensuring a top-tier experience for all visitors.

The park is expected to draw more than 500,000 visitors annually and is strategically located adjacent to Evans Farm, a 1,200-acre mixed-use community. This project not only meets the growing demand for youth athletic venues as Delaware county continues to expand but also sets a new standard for excellence in sports facilities.

Alexius J. Dorsey, the developer overseeing the project, emphasized, “We are committed to building a state-of-the-art-facility in Delaware county. This park will serve as a vibrant hub where sports, community, and potential of our youth intersect, fostering discipline, resilience, and teamwork.”

Brad Jennings, the founder of Jennings Park, highlighted the broader impact of the development: “Teaching our youth the importance of dedication to their craft is crucial. This park is a testament of our commitment and belief and nurturing these values.”

The Windsor Companies extends gratitude to the Delaware County Port Authority and the county development team for their pivotal role and unwavering support throughout the planning and financing stages of this project. Windsor hopes to open the park in late fall of 2024.

The total bond package, valued at $6.744 million, was approved by the Delaware County Finance Authority, ensuring that Jennings Sports Park will be a cornerstone for economic growth, community engagement, and enhanced well-being for the residents of Delaware County.